Headquartered in Shah Alam Malaysia, we are a fresh and innovative event planning company which plan and host our own events with an aim to develop Malaysians by giving them opportunities to learn and improve their skills on par to that of the international level.

We strive to make each and every one of our events more unique than before, with new ideas, new attractions, and new approach.

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Meet our team

We strive to be at the top of our game to bring the best that we have to offer.

Give us a chance to prove, and we’ll make magic.

Riaz Shah – Founder / Managing Director

riaz photo 2When it comes to management and planning, Riaz is the best man for the team. He studied Bachelor of International Hospitality Management at Taylor’s University and has just graduated with a dual degree from Malaysia and France.

Majoring in hotel management, Riaz specializes in any service-related business and loves anything related with the hotel industry. He makes everything easier when making events at hotels due to his experience and vast connections he had made as a hotelier.

He has worked in The Mayfair Hotel in London as well as The Club Saujana Resort Shah Alam and he uses his contacts to get in touch with other managers with ease.

His role – Management, budgeting, sponsor search, determining company direction, corporate relations, as well as handling accounts and documents.

Iqhwan Zulfiqar – Founder / Marketing Manager

iqhwanBorn in Kuala Lumpur, Iqhwan is a natural people’s person.

He’s very talented in negotiation and has closed many deals in his lifetime.

He studied Diploma in Culinary Arts in PTPL Shah Alam but soon after, nature called him to start an event planning company with Riaz hence the KAMIRA Event Management today.

Being one of the few Malays to grow up in a Chinese school, Iqhwan has the innate ability to understand both the Malay and Chinese markets from a different point of view not to mention the ability to converse fluently in Mandarin.

Often times, he is the bridge between two cultures and coupled with his great persuasion skills, he brings great business to the company.

He focuses on the company’s brand visibility, participant engagement and customer service.

Nazsh Abdul – Event Director

Born in Alor Setar Kedah, Nazsh Abdul is a nature lover.nash abdul profile

He loves reading books about management, psychology, human behavior.

Travelling is a must for Mr Nazsh as well as cooking but the thing one he enjoys most, is spending time with good friends around on a table with great food while having meaningful conversations – The best kind of human interaction.

That alone brings out the best in him and for KAMIRA Event Management, Mr Nazsh contributes by being the very backbone that keeps everyone together with his amazing aura.

His strength – Customer relationship, team-building, event coordination, sales and PR.

Ilham Yusof – Operations Manager

Ilham Muzammil Yusof

Having the work experience from various reputable hotels, Ilham has extensive knowledge and database on how operation is done in the service industry.

He has worked in Mandarin Oriental KL, Gold Palm Tree Resort Sepang, and even Riaz Resort in Kuala Terengganu so with his background, he brings structure into the company.

He works well under pressure and now, he’s here to put pressure on us to ensure smooth work productivity.

His role – Logistics, crew management, inventory control and quality assurance.




When doing events, we’re not doing it alone. What makes us move fast is by working together with the best.


M.O.D Society

mod blogSpearheaded by none other than Mr Nazsh Abdul himself, M.O.D stands for Models on Demand.

M.O.D is an organization which trains and supplies models for any corporate event and video advertisements from launching ceremonies and car roadshows, to teaser videos and product adverts.

We have a database of over 200 models and managed by our in-house model Mr Nazsh himself, our models are always at the top of their games and ready to serve in a moment’s notice.

Kitamen Shah Alam

KITAMEN SHAH ALAM LOGOKitamen stands for Let’s Play, a direct translation from the Malay word Kita Main.

It is an eSports company which provides electronic gaming service for events which we normally use to rent out to most of our clients such as Toyota, Bank Negara, and Mara to boost their event engagement and attract more youth to come.

Kirana Kay

Apart from planners, we also have our own in-house vocalist, Kirana Kay.

Having covered some of the nation’s top events such as Malaysia’s 1st Songket Awards and World’s Youth Jazz Festival, Kirana keeps breaking the record in her singing career by having some of her songs being bought copyright for others to enjoy.

Ever heard of “Malaysiaku Bahagia”? That too has been owned full copyright by RTM.

Jingles? You name it. Concerts? Just say it.

And here at Kamira Event Management, she helps bring it up by wooing our guests with her mesmerizing voice.

Truly, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Founding history

It was initially founded in 2014 by 2 visionaries and close friends – Riaz Shah and Iqhwan Zulfiqar who were doing their own events separately. They wanted to impact more people through events so together, they decided to create an event startup called KAMIRA Event Management so that it will be more efficient to do larger events.

The name KAMIRA was chosen because it represented the names of the 6 founders of the events company and yes, there were initially 6 people in our team. However due to some internal conflicts, only R and I remained.

The logo is that of a firework’s as initially when the company started, we focused more on festivals and fireworks are a must-have on all of our events. From there, people start to notice our firework play hence the original element was kept.

Ilham came in a while later in 2016 as the third director but with his experiences, he helped bring the company up with his operational skills. We manage to pinpoint our weaknesses better with his aid, and improve our standings and corporate relations drastically as he too brought his experiences from his previous company.

KAMIRA Event Management specializes in doing outdoor events such as festivals, bazaars, and running events. But as time passes by with experience, the company now has also ventured into organizing seminars, gla dinners, workshops, team buildings, and corporate retreats in order to get the larger corporate market.

Gaining the momentum, Riaz, Iqhwan and Ilham then have even more plans to drive the company further. Our team is more versatile and we are working with students and universities to broaden our reach and skills. We are eager to grow and challenge ourselves with large-scale events so if you have any inquiries, we would be more than happy to serve you.