Bank Negara Annual Dinner 2017

bank negara thumbnailClient: Bank Negara

Venue: One World Hotel PJ

We worked alongside K Talents to give the best experience for Bank Negara’s Annual Dinner.

This time though, they went out of their comfort zone and tried something out of the ordinary – Sci-Fi!

Probably the best theme they have ever come up with 😀

It was as always, an amazing experience as all of our ideas that we pitched – Laser dance performance, celebrities, Virtual Reality, Smoke effects, were all accepted which made the event so much better than they ever expected.

As most of you might have known, it’s not easy to upsell and in most cases, most clients don’t even bother to go with our suggestions as they have their own ideas on how to make their events the best one yet.

Unfortunately though, sometimes those decisions that they make are only amazing to them alone and not the guests – I guess they want to be event planners too, but why hire us?

Need an Event Planner in Shah Alam? It’s where we’re from and we excel at what we do!

Whether it’s dinners, effects, launching gimmicks and performances, if you’re looking for special event services which are out of the ordinary, we’re your go-to guy.

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