BBQ Reggae Night 2014

This is one of the oldest events events yet when we were just starting out in 2014, so we don’t have any decent pictures as this website was only built in 2016 and is only started to be filled with fresh content in 2017.

I got to be one of the organisers of the event because back then, I was working for the Saujana Hotel and we managed to organise a dinner to connect the new staff and interns with the current employees.

Still, here are the photos..

setting up for the event

Setting up for the event.

me with part of the participants

With part of the participants.

me as emcee

I was also the emcee on the event day.

Giving gifts

…And finally the lucky draw prize-giving.

Most of the other pictures were lost through time but I still like to keep photos of our past events no matter how small they are because they act as milestones for us to achieve bigger things.

Today though, we’ve done so many more events including huge conferences and festivals.

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