The Christmas Fund Bake 2015

The Christmas Fund Bake 2015 project was a big thing for me not just because we collaborated with Taylor’s University, but because we managed to invite Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun to grace the event.

We had a lot of surprising media coverage who came unexpected from the likes of Sin Chiew Daily and even the Sun, also in Astro and TV3.

Because we were short staffed, I did not manage to capture exactly everything that happened on that day nor the many big people who came.

The event was for Simply Cookies, a social enterprise which helps single mothers by hiring them and giving a percentage of each cookie sold to them as salary.

The event was an awareness campaign to let more people know of the company and the situation the single mothers are in as well as Simply Cookie’s role in helping them.

With the YB Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun’s support, we managed to pull off the event and gain the visibility the company needed to get a boost in their operations.

Waiting for the Datin's arrival at the famous Taylor's roundabout

This was us and waiting for the Datin’s arrival at the famous Taylor’s roundabout.

When the Datin finally arrives with her driver.

Welcoming the datin

Welcoming the Datin.

Everyone even the Taylor's board escorted the Datin

Everyone even the Taylor’s board escorted the Datin. Amazing what power can do to a person.

the Datin at the Truffles Restaurant at Taylor's University.

The VIP room we set up at Taylor’s Uni was the Truffles Restaurant where they have a fancy lounge 🙂

mr neethiya giving speech

The Dean of the Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Dr Neethiya giving speech.

The people from Taylor's, from Simply Cookies and the Datin herself in one shot

The people from Taylor’s, from Simply Cookies and the Datin herself in one shot.

After the speech was done

After the speech was done.

The Datin greeting and thanking each and everyone of the single mothers.

The Datin greeting and thanking each and everyone of the single mothers.

doing gingerbreadmen decorations

Doing gingerbreadmen decorations alongside Masterchef Zamir.

datin with children

With the finished products.

our team of taylors volunteers helping us

Our team of Taylor’s Uni volunteers helping us. Thank you guys!

The Good Shop at Taylor's University.

The Good Shop was one of our sponsors.

girl scouts selling cookies.

The team of girl scouts selling cookies for Simply Cookies.

Sin Chew Christmas Fund Bake 2015

Our event came out in Sin Chew daily!

Sarawak Tribune covered Christmas Fund Bake

And also the Sarawak Tribune!

Malaysian insider christmas fund bake

Not to mention the Malaysian Insider! But I couldn’t link to the page though because the website went down.

There are of course more pictures but its much better if I stop here lest I would end up uploading hundreds of them here.

It’s a habit for us to share a snippet of what our events are like and I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thank you and have a good day!