Masquerade Night Restaurant Launching

This is one of the very first events that I had done back then when I first started so I do apologize for the lack of pictures though.

Most of the pictures were lost through time because this blogpost was only created in 2017 while the event happened in 2014… 3 years difference!

The objective of the event was to promote new menu alongside with the restaurant and test our skills and limitations. It was a success.

I do love keeping track of old events to help us plan more events in the future as today, we’ve done more events than we had initially.

Me as floor manager

Me as floor manager.

table setting

Some of our guests 🙂

during the games

We planned games during the dinner.

staff appreciation

The guests actually asked all the staff for appreciation, we were all quite touched 🙂

our team of organisers

Our team of organisers.

with the participants

A picture with some of the guests.