Boy Confused on How Babies are Created

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From left : Iqhwan Zulfiqar (Event Director), Riaz Shah (Event Manager), Zainol Hazris (Assistant Event Manager)


Hey everyone, Riaz here and this post may sound a bit unprofessional but I promised my crew to share it on the website (I may have lost a bet or two) and what better way to share it than on a busy Friday afternoon when nobody is around to read.

Have you ever had silly questions when you were young like how you are created?
Well for me, I remember the time when I asked my father “Papa, how do you create me? Can I create babies too? Should I have sex?”

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Random Yahoo Answer question


And he would usually reply “Stupid boy! You want some Rotan whacking from me? I will kill you if you ask that question again!”
What’s even funnier is I remembered he told me after that “I created you, and I can destroyyou. Stupid Boy”

Well today, I came across this very funny question on Yahoo Answers (Yes, I have a Yahoo Answers account) and the boy asked…

“My health teacher told me that babies are made when a male and female have intercourse but I remember a long time ago my mom told me babies are made by storks”

It’s cute how adults try to hide the obvious answer don’t you think?
And the boy continued asking…

“I’m so confused, if stocks deliver babies then where do I put my penis? IN THE STORK?”

HAHAHHAH this is so funny it made me laugh so hard that the entire KAMIRA Event Management team came to my room to see what’s happening.

Well now that my reputation is destroyed, I think there’s no harm in me sharing this with everyone.
After all, it’s a Friday today and everyone deserves some rest don’t you think?

P/S – When he was young, our Event Director Mr Iqhwan Zulfiqar actually thinks babies are made from computers. I know right? Please don’t tell him this, he will kill me.

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