Meet Orazi – One of the Fattest Cats in the World

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Good morning world! Tuesday bringing your mood down? Well here’s something that would life your spirits up!

I was reading The Daily Mail and stumbled upon something which seems to be one of the fattest cats in the world.

Meet Orazi – One of the fattest cats in the world.

 Weighing about 16kg, Orazi is a ginger tom from Italy which has about the same width as its owner!

According to doctors, they don’t know what caused Orazi to grow this big. Other ginger toms certainly doesn’t grow as fat as Orazi!

You might be wondering, why isn’t it recorded in the Guinness Book of records?

Well, I was wondering about the same thing so I did some research and found out that they have a completely solid reason for that.

“We have stopped listing the World’s fat cats as we believe some owners are force-feeding them and we don’t want to encourage that”

This is a very bold move which I believe everyone should be in favor of.

Here at KAMIRA Event Management, we are against animal cruelty.

So the next time you want to get a pet, remember – you don’t BUY a pet, you ADOPT them!




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