Obama is in Malaysia!


According to BBC News (just about any News will tell you), Obama is coming to Malaysia soon. This is very important for our country not only because it is his first time visiting our country, but also the first ever serving US president to visit Malaysia since Lyndon Johnson in 1966.

Imagine how many years the US has not recognized us! Even President Bush has never step foot on our fair country.

Here in Kamira Event Management, we greatly support anything good for our country. In fact, our Event Director Iqhwan Zulfiqar was the most happiest of all. Even though sometimes he appear moody and quiet, we actually found out that he was singing about dancing with Obama (Trust me, the entire team was shocked as well).

The reason for Obama’s visit is to seek closer trade relations with Malaysia and to dilute China’s influence in the region. The US has already provided Kuala Lumpur with military assistance, most recently in the search for the missing Malaysian airline.

The government is certainly very happy because a large nation has recognized Malaysia which would also give the country a better image stand in the world.
Are you excited as well that the US President is visiting the country?

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