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Event: SuperMOM Awards Night Gala Dinner 2018

Venue: Vistana Hotel, KL.

If you use cleaning sprays a lot, then you must have heard of SuperMOM.

This year, we had the privilege of managing their annual dinner and their event although small, is phenomenal.

As I was in the middle of cleaning a coffee stain with my colleague Nazsh (Thanks to our intern), I received a call from their CEO Mr Izwan to help them out on their Annual Dinner.

Little did I know that the event will be one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve had after so long.

Read on to find out what I mean.


It’s All About Rewarding Super Agents

If you’re stumped on how to inspire people, rewarding them can do wonders.

The SuperMom Awards Night is not just another hotel dinner for the company to show off, but rather to reward their hardworking agents and promoters for efforts and loyalty to the company.

Mr Izwan (The CEO) and Ms Marziah (The founder) started the company from scratch and with many people supporting them in their journey and branding growth, they hosted the Annual Dinner to show much they care for the SuperMOM supporters and that they wanted to bring the company to another level the next coming years.

I was impressed at how humble everyone is and even while I was working throughout the event with my team, the CEO Mr Izwan even offered us dinner with them which rarely happens during all the other annual dinners that we manage.

Coming back to the awards, they are given according to these categories…









The guests came from all over Malaysia and TV Alhijrah also came to record and to interview the founder herself but I couldn’t share the coverage as it’s not available online.

I was also surprised when I met the emcee Zaiton Khalid as she also happens to be McDonald’s Mix and Match model – No wonder she seemed familiar!

Although it was a small event, everyone had a great time even us as we took so many photos with them and talked with their ‘family’ even after the event has ended.

We talked about what their next move was for expansion and we were thrilled just hearing about it! I cannot disclose it here as it is confidential but if you were to stay tuned to SuperMom’s updates, you’ll know eventually 😉


What is SuperMOM All About? –Cleaning From Humble Beginnings.

siti marziah supermom founder

Many huge companies start off with millions. Not SuperMOM.

SuperMOM is a multipurpose cleaning spray that can easily clean stubborn dirt from almost anywhere with a simple squeeze.

Founded by Siti Marziah Binti Abdul Ghaffar, the company started long ago when she was still living in a village in Melaka.

Like many of us, we work odd jobs just to get by and for Marziah, she sells liquid soap detergents to her neighbours where every day, she would go from door to door just to sell.

SuperMom products

She does that for quite some time until one day, one of her neighbours who rejected her asked her if she has a different kind of soap that can clean everything.

That question hit her and she quickly went home to try and create a multipurpose soap that can clean everything.

After many tries, Marziah then managed to finally come up with a multipurpose spray that until today, became the best thing every household needs to have in our small sweet country.

Fast forward until today, SuperMom has Mohd Izwan now as their wonderful CEO and the company has also established itself in Indonesia, Singapore, even Brunei with more to come.

Not only that, they have also just recently released their second product, a concentrated liquid solution for cleaning for easier use. They have of course many other products which are still undergoing R&D which they will disclose when they’re ready and I’m super excited about what they have to offer next.


Final Word

Though SuperMOM’s annual dinner was small, the impact they created is huge.

It was hard to believe at first because every company says the same thing about missions and visions but after we got to know them, they’re actually very lovable, like one big family and that aura affected us.

We got closer to their family without even realizing and because we support them so much, all of our team members bought SuperMoms in our houses and their cleaning effect is actually pretty good.

We also got one in our office since our intern Uswatun likes to spill coffee on the couch.

Thanks for reading guys, check out our services page for more info.


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13 thoughts on “SuperMOM Awards Night Gala Dinner 2018 -What is it About?

  • Renton

    Great Post! I think you are perfectly correct in stating that rewarded behavior is repeated. This is a very interesting story and quite an inspiring one. Most people will only ever see the success and the rewards that successful individuals attain. There are only a select few who see them doing the grunt work to build up their empire.

    Going from door to door to sell something takes a lot of confidence and courage and the risk of rejection never feels good. Stories like these remind us of why we can never quit until we have achieved our dreams!

  • Brenda

    Interesting. A soap that cleans everything. The post is enlightening. Rejections are important in business, it gives you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and be even better.

  • Brenda

    Interesting post. A soap that cleans everything, Supermom is the perfect name as like the soap, Supermom basically does everything. This a great way to maker the success of your product. Being rejected gives you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and do even better. This is a motivation.

  • Marty

    Hi Riaz,

    I didn’t realize that SuperMom had grown so big!

    I have heard about their cleaning products and, that they were very thorough for cleaning just about anything.  Are they being marketed yet in the United States?

    I think having an event that rewards supporters of the company will certainly help instill even more loyalty to SuperMom!  It is such a great and effective marketing concept!

    It must have been a wonderful experience to be a part of their Gala Dinner 2018!


  • Judy

    This was an inspirational story, intriguing to begin with so I had to read on to get the whole picture.  It just goes to show what can be achieved when we accept the challenge and find ways to meet it. Marziah did that beautifully and  now has established herself in business as a household name in several countries. 

    Thanks for sharing, I did enjoy reading this. 

  • julienne murekatete

    Wow!!! I am impressed with this event too. Most of the time people despise us due to our appearance but when they find we are goals oriented people they come to look for answers to their problems. I was inspired

     She is perfect and i found this Super Mom award fantastic. She is giving a good example to many people including me that nothing is impossible in life what is needed is to have goals oriented spirit and everything will be fine.

    Thank you.