Information About India for Kids – Beware Shocking Facts!

Information About India for Kids

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Did you know that India has the 2nd biggest population in the World?

And no, the USA is the third in line which means the country with the biggest population (*Drum rolls*)… is China.

There are many things about India that we should and shouldn’t know of because like every country with rich culture, there are some bad things people tend to do with it that makes the image worse than it already is.

So here’s some good information about India that is safe for everyone to know of, including the kids (We need to retain their innocence).

1) The mother of all CURRYS

Who doesn’t love some good ole curry?

It is famous all over the world that even London is starting to have more curry lovers than their own national Fish and Chips!

Malaysia is also a country with Indians being a part of the 3 major races so having a dish with curry isn’t all that weird as well.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey appeared in in a Visit London video promoting curry worldwide when he could have promoted his national food so what does that tell you?

Simple. Eat curry!


2) India still does arranged marriage

What better way to instill hope into the hearts of people than telling them that “There is always someone who will marry you despite the odds?”

Indians are quite proud of their own culture, not like us modern people who are more secular and open that sometimes we don’t really implement our culture any longer.

They still surprisingly do arranged marriages like the olden days not only because it’s a deal-sealer for business ventures, but also because it is proven that arranged marriages last longer than normal love-at-first-sight marriages.

Take a look at Capitol Romance’s beautiful blog on an Indian-Caucasian wedding here.

There are plenty of people mixing around today and breaking the racial barrier that somehow it makes you want to share that happiness too!


3) India is one of the fastest-growing power houses in Asia (Business opportunity!)

Although I don’t have kids, I would really like to tell them to learn a language or two so that they can close business deals with ease.

For example, if you want to develop a business in a developed country like the USA and Dubai, it would be EXTREMELY difficult because competition is high which means that you really need to prepare and have prior skills and knowledge.

But why go through the trouble in getting business there when you can go to other countries instead?

In Asia, China and India is growing really fast and they both have the 2 biggest population in the world.

However everyone is going to China for business but not many actually think of going to India which means one thing for you – Good business opportunity!

The only country that sees an advantage in India’s market is Malaysia because believe it or not, all the road and highway constructions in India, are built my Malaysian engineers!

So go ahead and think of a way to start your business there because India beckons you.


4) Only 3% of India’s population actually pays tax

Okay, maybe this is not something good to tell your children but India has one of the highest rate of tax evasion in the World.

Not only is this good for the citizens to save money, it is also a very viable business opportunity!

The biggest threat any business have everywhere is that about half of the company’s income goes to the government which is really stressful and depressing to know.

But imagine having to tap into a population of 1.2 billion and at the same time, NOT having to pay tax, that’s practically a gold mine!

And India welcomes foreign companies too because they have this perception that those companies tend to be more successful than their own local brands.


 5) George Washington was half Indian!

Probably the most shocking truth you’ll ever find anywhere.

According to research, George’s mother, Mary Ball Washington was the daughter of Ram Lalu Yadav and Radha Lubhai who were stowaways on a ship “HMS Queen Mary” which docked in Boston long ago after arriving from India.

To blend in with the locals, they soon converted to Christianity and adopted the names Michael and Sharon Ball.

Mary’s parents used to work at Fairfax Virginia which is known today as the CIA’s headquarters and nobody can ever visit that site as the government wouldn’t want this information to leak out.



When it comes to Asia, India is really underrated because people tend to think of Asians as Chinese.

Whenever someone says the Asian market, the whole world looks at China thus forgetting that there are always opportunities that can be found elsewhere, perhaps just nearby (pssst… It’s India).

So do yourself a favour and tell your children that there are many beautiful countries in Asia that exists and prosper besides just plain old China because one day, you’ll never know that your future lies somewhere in that part of the world!


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