What is a Lifestyle Business? – Is there actually such a thing?

What is a Lifestyle Business – Is there actually such a thing

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Aren’t you tired of working at the same place over and over again with no growth in revenue?

Why not start a business?

According to research, 81% of entrepreneurs are happier than they ever were in their previous dead-end job.

When it comes to quitting your employment career and building a business, a lot of people tend to have one thing in common – building a lifestyle business.

So what is a Lifestyle Business?

Generally speaking, it’s a normal business but with an aim that it benefits your life in a way for maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

For example, starting a business at a beach where you can just sit back, relax and drink coconut juice while your team does the heavy work.

You are your own boss but that’s the thing about lifestyle businesses – There are usually no higher aim than to get your life comfortable without getting yourself all those unnecessary pressure of running 3-4 corporate buildings.

But who cares when you’re happy and content with life, eh?

Starting your own online business

Another example of a lifestyle business is having an online business where you can work anytime you want at the comfort of your own home because you control how hard you want to work.

Having an online definitely gives you more income than most jobs out there as you can earn up to $8,000 a month if you continuously grow your business online.

And that is because there are over 2.8 billion internet users as of 2014 and all of those, can be your target market.

However a thing to bear in mind when starting businesses is that there are more scams out there than legitimate home business courses.

Because of this, a lot of people get tricked by promises of millions overnight.

Always remember that there is NO SUCH THING as making millions overnight.

Businesses are the same everywhere – it needs proper nurturing to grow it from nothing and only after a month or two will you see a gradual increase in both popularity and profit.

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Lifestyle businesses vs Startups

One can easily get confused between these two terms because they both are in fact, businesses.

However one main point that you have to know is that a startup generally have a higher goal of creating an impact on the nation.

Entrepreneurs in startups work even harder than any normal jobs because they are building something for the nation.

As someone famous used to say – “Entrepreneurs are the bloodlines of the economy”.

Instead of working 8 hours a day, an entrepreneur works up to 10-12 hours a day with no weekend breaks because they are committed on bringing their business to a much higher level.

On Average, entrepreneurs take only 9 days off in a whole year!

However having a lifestyle business, you won’t get all those unnecessary pressure because your goal is to just relax and make money which is totally different than startup entrepreneurs who makes an average $50,000 a month but with tremendous pressure of work and meetings.

See the difference?



I don’t know about you but I could definitely get used to being a lifestyle entrepreneur as you’ll have more time for yourself to travel whenever you like without the need to rush for meetings every day.

However if you’re a visionary and have a dream of one day creating an impact on the society and nation, then you have the signs on a startup entrepreneur which is also not a bad thing as you’ll definitely make a name for yourself in the near future.


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