What Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?

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When people hear of the word “Entrepreneur”, the first thing that goes through their minds are money (Admit it).

True, as entrepreneurs we make the money but our whole lives revolves around much more than that.

You need more drive to be a successful entrepreneur rather than just the money so here’s 3 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs today:

1)   Accept and embrace the challenge

Life is all about challenges that you face – things never go according to plan. Some choose to run away from challenges, whereas some others choose to stay.

But to start your own business, you NEED to face that challenge and find a way to get through it.

If your business doesn’t stand a chance against a much larger company, find a way to even the odds by providing something that your competitor doesn’t have.

Standing your ground despite the challenges will not only give more experience when the similar challenges appear in life, it will also create more trust among the people due time.

2)   Entrepreneurs doesn’t lead an average life.

Starting a business is way different than managing one.

When managing a business, you already have a clear goal on what you need to do every day, it’s more to a working life really.

But starting a business is a whole different thing.

You have no direction on what to do so your whole life revolves around searching the best way to constantly improve your company in order to survive.

Because of that, you eat, breathe and sleep business.

When something happens to your business, you need to go down and check it out to make sure it survives.

3)   Even the odds with technology

In a village, you probably won’t have much competition so even if you don’t have great technology, people will still buy from you.

BUT when you’re in the city, life is a whole different game and you can lose customers faster than a blink of an eye.

There are many businesses providing same if not similar services as your own and when a customer is dissatisfied, he can just walk a few minutes to the next joint.

However when your business is top-notch with fast technology that reduces the hassle of your customers, they will love you and would want to come again.

Teenagers today are more connected to technology than ever so they will expect you to be updated in the use of technology as well.

When your business grow, technology is a must to handle the massive orders that you’ll be getting at lighting speed.


Being an Entrepreneur is not all about fun games.

Where people lead ordinary lives 9-5, entrepreneurs live extra-ordinarily where we work sometimes up to middle of the night just to take care of our businesses.

Therefore having a clear goal as well as the will to bend the market to your will by using technology is essential in achieving success for any businesses.


Riaz Shah

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