Why Start a Small Business?

If you’re probably wondering to yourself on starting a small business, then that means the entrepreneur in you is trying to get out.

A lot of people do business with hatred because they do not like managing and doing everything by themselves as they feel exposed.

However for entrepreneur minds like you and me, we welcome challenges thrown at us because that means we can develop our own business better.

To cut the story short, here are some benefits as to why we need to start our own business:

1) Surviving the economy

Everyone all over the world knows that the economic downturns can only mean one thing – Prices increase while pay remains the same (In some cases, salaries are reduced).

So what better way to survive and flourish then by starting your own business?

 2) Discover and unleash your true potential

If you’re working all your life for other people, UNDER their rules and regulations, you are just simply playing their game and helping them succeed.

However if you are on your own especially for business, then you are not at your comfort zone anymore.

This will push you into working harder and finding your own ways and using your own methods to achieve success for your business.

And in most cases, THIS is how you learn of your true potential as you figure out that your business, can be just as good or even better as the company you were working for.

 3) More chances to meet big people!

While I was working in my dead end job, I was really excited whenever I get a chance to meet big people from big companies because well, I was stuck in a dead end job wasn’t I?

However after starting my own business, I’ve been meeting a LOT of huge people like CEOs and artists as I need to discuss with them on mutual agreements, especially when it comes to doing events.

Soon I was getting too tired to even reply their messages but whenever I look back at how I first started and how happy I felt when I actually managed to talk to them, that gives me the energy and will to go on doing what I do today.

 4) Your own brand

When you walk along those posh streets like Mayfair in London, don’t you ever wish that one of those brands belongs to you?

Me, I personally do that EVERYTIME I pass by there to work.

I constantly think of how do I quit my job and create a business until one day, I was given an event to run.

It was a restaurant launching which ended up a huge success and from that moment onwards, I quit my job and started KAMIRA Event Management.

Although it’s still small, everyone was impressed as it takes guts to start your own brand.

If starting something from small is enough to impress your friends and families, imagine how many people will look at your when your brand grows bigger internationally?

 5) You Can Make A Difference  

Ask yourself how much of a difference you are making at your current job.

Then imagine the difference you could be making as a business owner.

As an owner, you will have the opportunity to be an employer and make a difference in the lives of the people you hire.

If your business is successful enough, you will also have the financial ability to contribute to needy and important charities or even fund your own charitable foundation.

 6) More Secure Than Working For Someone Else

Once upon a time in America, a person could work for a single company their entire career and then get paid a pension and benefits after they retired.

This idea is now as dead as the dinosaurs.

Today, there is NO guarantee you will have a job next week, much less your whole career.

You are still subject to uncertainty with your own business, but you will be able to change your business as your market conditions change.

If you are an employee, the change that is made might be you.

 7) Do Something You Enjoy

If you ask twenty people if they enjoy what they do for a living, how many do you think will answer yes?

How would you answer this same question?

What could be worse than reaching the end of your working life and looking back with regret for never having done any work you enjoy?

Find something you like that will support you and your family like building your own nursery or restaurant for a change.

Take the chance, it might be the best thing you ever do.



As you can see, the benefits are endless when it comes to being and entrepreneur and starting your own business.

However those things will never come to life you don’t put in will and effort to fight for your freedom and success.

So if you ever want to quit your job and start your own legacy out there, change your mindset and plan your future from today because before you know it, your business will be stable enough for you to quit your job in a jiffy.

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