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Gaining and edge in your work is more crucial now than it ever was before.

Competition is getting high and if you don’t sharpen your wits or gain some extra knowledge, people are going to take you down especially in business.

Based from a study we made through an online education platform Coursera, here’s the 5 most popular free online course that should take advantage of:

1)   “Social Psychology“ by Wesleyan University

social psychology

Social Psychology has always been Coursera’s largest and most wanted class and now it’s back for you to apply!
As the name implies, the class is about psychology which just basically means understanding how people think and possibly, understanding how to manipulate them to your will (Evil laughter).

The class start July 14 2014 – September 1 2014 so it’s not too late to apply!

2)  “Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems” by University of Maryland

Programming mobile app

Almost everyone in the world has a phone today and most of those people with phones, well they use either iphones or Androids.

With all those times getting stuck in traffic jams or spending hours to go and back from work, you have to admit you will want to surf your phone, wouldn’t you?

With millions of people checking their phone for apps, for internet, and for emails every day, it would be a waste not to take advantage of this market.

Class starts: September 26th 2014 – November 211st 2014.

3)  “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue” by Duke University

How to reason and argue

In business, you will face all sorts of customers and the worst kinds are those who argue with you JUST to make you feel guilty enough to give them something free, or worse – to destroy you.

As Alfred from Batman would say, “Some men just want to watch the World burn”.

Learning how to analyze the situation, how to construct proper reasoning and how to develop an argument will not only help you defend your business, but also help you gain an edge in your everyday life too.

It is a skill that not many people actually thought of getting so why not add a weapon to your arsenal of skills?

Class starts: August 25th 2014 – December 31st 2014

4)  “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior” by Duke University

irrational behaviour

Another winning course by Duke University that’s actually free that you should totally take advantage of.

The study of irrational behavior is part of the Behavorial Science course which can help you greatly in business by learning what mistakes people tend to do in life.

For example, why people go for choice A in investing and not choice B.

If you’re interested about making investment but not confident enough to make a decision, I recommend you to take up this course and gain some insight.

After all, it’s free 😉

Class starts: March 11th 2014 – May 6th 2014

5)  “Learn to Program: The Fundamentals” by University of Toronto

how to Program

Applications are getting hot these days and people pay tens of thousands for a programming project that they want.

But to join, you must have a basic math understanding – not too high though, just school grade.

If you understand F(x) = x +5 then you’re good to go!

Class starts: To be announced


There you have it top 5 most popular online classes that’s not only highly sought after but also free.

To survive in the world today, you need to do business but to gain an edge in that, you need education and these universities are giving you that for free out of kind heartedness.


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