Business Lunch Etiquette Tips in Spain
Dinning etiquette can vary depending o where you come from. Different people have different kinds of etiquette especially when it extends to business relations. You might find yourself in fear, wondering what your business colleague will think about you because all you want to do is impress him or her […]

Business Lunch Etiquette Tips in Spain – How to Meet ...

beautiful sunrise
Ever heard of the phrase “The early bird catches the worm”? Who am  I kidding, of course you have! Waking up early has loads of benefits which is why many entrepreneurs and professionals like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet wake up early even on weekends. I for one, despise that […]

Tips on How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

Information About India for Kids
Did you know that India has the 2nd biggest population in the World? And no, the USA is the third in line which means the country with the biggest population (*Drum rolls*)… is China. There are many things about India that we should and shouldn’t know of because like every […]

Information About India for Kids – Beware Shocking Facts!

What is a Lifestyle Business – Is there actually such a thing
Aren’t you tired of working at the same place over and over again with no growth in revenue? Why not start a business? According to research, 81% of entrepreneurs are happier than they ever were in their previous dead-end job. When it comes to quitting your employment career and building […]

What is a Lifestyle Business? – Is there actually such ...

Why Start a Small Business
If you’re probably wondering to yourself on starting a small business, then that means the entrepreneur in you is trying to get out. A lot of people do business with hatred because they do not like managing and doing everything by themselves as they feel exposed. However for entrepreneur minds […]

Why Start a Small Business?

How to Market a Small Business
When starting a small business, it’s normal to have this thinking, “Will people even notice us?” Small business are aplenty today and just about anyone can start one just like that. However not everyone succeeds because research shows that more 75% of small businesses tend to fail after 5 years. […]

How to Market a Small Business

Malasyian Independence Day
August 31st 1957 is a very important and memorable day in Malaysia as it is when our country first achieved independence. The concept of Independence Day is similar to other countries whereby it just simply refers to the people of that country having freedom from invasion. For Malaysia’s case, our […]

What is Merdeka in Malaysia?

waking up early morning
Weekends are great for relaxing and unwinding after a week of full day working. However did you know that successful people like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet spend their weekends differently than normal people? People with an entrepreneurial mind has a very different thinking compared to people with a full-time […]

3 Surprising Things Successful People do on Weekends

Kamira event management team members
Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the 1 week holiday (Malaysian holiday) last week! It is the second week of Eid Mubarak now and it’s time to get back to work but after that long week of enjoyment and eating, it’s normal to feel lazy and unwilling. Have a […]

Eid Mubarak Wishes from the KAMIRA Event Management Team

business meeting with a bored but pretty girl
Being a good leader is one of the easiest things to do but people still have the wrong impression that fear is the way to go. Well it’s NOT the way because having your team work for you out of fear will only create mindless robots with no creativity. Here’s […]

3 Smart Strategies to Being a Great Leader that Everyone ...